Run the Rut

Omnibar photo

Ran the Rut last weekend.  A 50km foot race over in Big Sky.

A turned out to be a superb experience, on a wonderfully challenging course, with some of the strongest mtn. runners in the world.  Well exceeding expectations.

Though I am not quite sure what to think of the whole racing and competition scene, I definitely find it fascinating.  Sure, I would probably prefer to adventure and explore in remote Wilderness regions, away from crowds; but toeing the line- predawn, and running FAST through the forest (via headlamp) with 500+ super fit mtn. athletes form around the world, was nothing short of exhilarating.

To say nothing of what I learned from running at threshold for 7+ hrs, up and down and around a mountain I consider sacred.  :)

A big shout out to Omnibar for all their hard work and support, in making the experience happen.

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