Prepping for New Zealand, I feel like giving a shout out to those good folks that are keen on collaborating with your narrator.  Thank you.!

So psyched on the future with Surface skis.
Their support for grassroots ski culture is phenomenal.
Taking a fresh pair of Live Frees over to Aotearoa.  (here come the magic doors ;) 

Hyperlite Mountain Gear.   The name sums it up.  To have a ski mountaineering, expedition worthy ruck, that you still use biking to the post office, or on an all-day trail run, 
says a lot about their versatility.
(both are going to NZ).  The one on the right is a hybrid of their Expedition and Ice Packs (with some custom mods).  Plan being to develop a ski specific pack this winter.

And the kind folk over at Patagonia, for getting in on the Middle Earth action. ;)

In the future, if anyone wants to collaborate on:  an art project, a ski mountaineering route, a slog, an idea for a video, a research/ science project, some beer drinking, basically anything that is cool or interesting, please let me know..
(around Cooke City or elsewhere)


  1. I've been doing a lot of doc researching, planning, equipment purchasing, etc. I would be more than stoked to talk on the video tip. You like hyper HD cameras right?!

  2. Hey Beau, looking at picking up a pack from HMG, specifically the 2400 Ice Pack with ski attachments. Do you have any pics of the ski attachment system? How has it held up carrying skis with sharp edges?

    1. Hey Jason, thanks for the inquiry. More than happy to send you pics of the new HMG ski attachment system. and beta on durability. forward me your email address and I'll get back to you asap.